SWRP Imperial Occupation Rules

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Official SWRP Imperial Occupation Rules

1. General Rules:
1.1 Be respectful to all players OOC
1.2 Any threats to harm other players in the community will lead to a community ban
1.3 Do not complain about staff decisions ingame, this will be done through the forums
1.4 Ingame items/cash may not be sold for real money or traded with anything irl
1.5 Avoiding punishments are not allowed
1.6 A staff member has final say on all rule interpretations including those not explicitly stated in the rules
1.7 Do not bait/encourage other people to break the server rules
1.8 Do not use any racist or homophobic language
1.9 Do not give people DDOS threats

2. Roleplay Rules:
2.1 Do not RDM
2.2 Players randomly shooting you without any form of roleplay
2.3 Players shoots with little effort put into the roleplay (Ex: Hands up or die *2 seconds later* shoots
2.4 You should give the player at least 5 seconds to react
2.5 If someone follows your instructions you may not kill them
2.6 If a player pulls out a weapon on you (While robbing them), you are allowed to shoot them
2.8 Respect the “New Life Rule” AKA Don’t return to an area after dying for 5 minutes + Any Information gained before dying that was not shared is void
2.9 Do not MetaGame (use OOC information in character)
2.10 Act like your job, Don’t do things your job wouldn’t do. (without staff permission)
2.11 Do not do any sort of Erotic RP (Strippers dancing would not be considered erotic)
2.12 Rebels are KOS if they have their rebel helmet or if their ID has been shown
2.13 The secret tunnels are only allowed to be entered by a rebel. Other players can enter if they have seen a rebel enter it
2.14 Bounty hunters has to finish their first job, they are not allowed to get repaid to not kill a person

3. Base Building:
3.1 You may set up a text screen that you are building, this will make you immune from any type of rp situations (Ex. Raiding, hostage or getting mugged) abuse of this will lead to a ban
3.2 Maximum of fading doors are 3
3.3 Your base can’t force people to jump or crouch. They have to be able to walk past everything without having to do anything special (If there is not a fading door)
3.4 Fading bridges and skybases are not allowed
3.5 You may not block the entrance to your base, neither are you allowed to block certain parts in the house
3.6 Pointless building are not allowed! (Ex. Building huge constructions in the middle of the road)
3.7 You are not allowed to trap people
3.8 Fading doors must be open for at least 6 seconds
3.9 KOS Signs are allowed to be put outside a building/room, minimum text size has to be 50 and a visible color

4. Raiding:
4.1 You may only raid a base once in a hour
4.2 Dying and reentering the raid zone is not allowed, this is breaking NLR
4.3 Everyone inside the raid zone are KOS, this is if they are inside that building/room
4.4 When raiding you have to advert “Raiding in progress” you may use anything after that text
4.5 When assisting a raid you have to write “Assist” to be allowed to enter the raiding zone
4.6You may raid checkpoints
4.7 Raiding zones would be considered inside a house and the walls around it (maximum 3 people standing shoulder to shoulder length)
4.8 Do NOT raid important places without staff permission. (Ex: Citadel, Bank)

5. Kidnapping:
5.1 When a player is kidnapped you have to ensure that his kidnapping experience is good. Don’t leave him in a room for him to do nothing
5.2 Do not have a hostage for longer than 30 minutes.
5.3 If your hostages tries to escape he is KOS