RaGnAr's staff application

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Steam name:RaGnAr_DK

Steam ID:https://steamcommunity.com/


Are/Were you staff on any other server?(If so what?): Yes i where Mod on WG server before.

Where are you from?: Denmark

Do you have teamspeak 3? (You will be required to be active on it): Yes i have teamspeak

Do you have a working and understandable microphone?: Oh yeah i do

What is your current game-time on the server?: About 3-4 days

Have you ever been kicked/banned from our server or forums? (If so explain why): No i have not

How many warnings do you have (Please give the reasons for them and explain how you got them check !warns to see): I do not have any warns

In-game rank (User, VIP ect): I am a User

Why do you want to become staff: Well first off i live helping where i can, and i want to help get the server bigger and better, i want to help new people on the server when ever i can,
also being staff is a really cool thing for me. I want to make the server a friendly place for everybody, and help out where i can.

A little about me(Minimum 100 Words): Well my IRL name is Kasper, and i am 19 years old, i work at a farm as the VET for the animals, i resently bought my first car, what else i do parkour and running in my free time when i am not on the server or some other game. I love to play games on my computer, and i spent the most of my time at my pc. I also collect knifes ive got all kinds of knifes i also do tricks with them.

How many hours can you be on daily:2-5

Have you read and understand all the SWRP Imperial Occupation rules (Saying yes does not count): Well ofcours i have read the rules and i have fully understood them

Thanks for reading over Application.
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Contact me within a week and we'll do your interview.
I'm Rocky.
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