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Staff Requirements:
Minimum playtime is 1 Days V
Maximum warns is 7 (Exceptions can be made) V
Minimum age is 13 V

Steam name:

Steam ID(
Are/Were you staff on any other server?(If so what?):i was on a big sever senior-mod and SA on some other but not too popular sever
Where are you from?: Kingdom of the Netherlands
Do you have teamspeak 3? (You will be required to be active on it):Yes i do
Do you have a working and understandable microphone?:Yes
What is your current game-time on the server?:`1d and 18 h
Have you ever been kicked/banned from our server or forums? (If so explain why): nope
How many warnings do you have (Please give the reasons for them and explain how you got them check !warns to see):i have no Warns
In-game rank (User, VIP ect): User
A little about me(Minimum 100 Words):I am Dutch a pretty chill dude trying to help other people help to get them to become higher and good performance. Facts:I have been playing Gmod for nearly over 2 years now. I have nearly 5342 hours if I combine both of my accounts, I've been playing swrp the hole time I've owned Gmod. I have been SA on multiple servers Im familliar with severs and ulx and I used to have a server ofcourse i did not pay for that sever i was just a simpel Co-owner, but anyhow that i want to help this sever out so i want to become staff on this sever and just look how i can help i am already vice admiral. my goal is to try to get high staff and mentor other people. I will try to help how ever i can i would like to make this part longer but it really asks who i am so meh
How many hours can you be on daily:2/4 hours
Have you read and understand all the ImperialRP rules (Saying yes does not count):I have looked at them and i have agreed with it yes
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Still need to know if you wanna join RP staff team or IO staff team mate
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It's in the CloneWars section and +1
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