Staff Applications [TEMPLATE]

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Mon Jan 28, 2019 4:39 pm

Application Rules:
Use the template.
Don’t Advertise your application or it will be instantly denied.
If you are denied make a new staff application don’t copy your old one.
If you are denied don’t upload another staff for 2 weeks.

Staff Requirements:

Minimum playtime is 1 Days
Minimum warns is 7 (Exceptions can be made)
Minimum age is 13

Steam name:
Steam ID(
Are/Were you staff on any other server?(If so what?):
Where are you from?:
Do you have teamspeak 3? (You will be required to be active on it):
Do you have a working and understandable microphone?:
What is your current game-time on the server?:
Have you ever been kicked/banned from our server or forums? (If so explain why):
How many warnings do you have (Please give the reasons for them and explain how you got them check !warns to see):
In-game rank (User, VIP ect):
A little about me(Minimum 100 Words):
How many hours can you be on daily:
Have you read and understand all the deathrun rules (Saying yes does not count):