Server Rules

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Mon Jan 28, 2019 4:36 pm

1. Do not RDM, randomly shooting people without killing them is also RDM
2. Do not spam
3. Do not harass or disrespect others
4. Do not advertise other servers
5. Do not exploit
6. Do not post or engage in inappropriate content
7. Do not minge or Fail Roleplay
8. Do not complain about decisions made by staff in-game or in Global * * Chat, this is will be done to a private message to the owners
9. Do not avoid any punishment given by staff
11. Powergaming is not allowed
12. Try to stay in-character as much as possible in roleplay oriented areas of the server
13. No regimental disrespect
14. Do not make player made events
15. Only use soundboards related to your character
16. When a staff tells you something, you have to deal with it! Make a complaint on the discord
17. No Erotic RP!
18. Don't try to delay events or ruin for the game master. If he tells you that you are not allowed to open a gate or use advert listen to him. This is only if he does something in advert. For example "RP Blows up the hangar bay door"
19. No regimental pulling or leaving your own regiment before talking to regiment hierarchy!
20. No FailRP Names